What is a Drone?

What is a Drone?

What is a Drone? 1934 1291 Elias Luoma

Drones have been in use for several years as they are helpful in many areas. But recently the demand and use of drones have sharply increased because of its application in several fields. Although the mass adoption and its usage are at the nascent stage, drones are popular in various industries when compared to other similar technological innovations.

But what is a drone and what are its applications?

A drone is an aircraft that doesn’t require a human pilot on it for navigation. Also known as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV, it consists of an unmanned vehicle, a ground controller, a communication system between the two devices and sometimes a GPS.

From the last few years, drones have been used in various government and business organizations due to various advantages. Drones not only increase productivity and efficiency but also reduce workload and costs in production. Due to the advancement in drone technology, many commercial entities and individuals are using it for various purposes. Known for military applications, drones are now widely used in commercial, agricultural, scientific and various other applications.

Applications of Drone Technology


Drones are widely used by farmers and agriculturists as they are cheap and can effectively monitor the crops. The sensors in drones can also detect the health of the crops and help in better yield.

Aerial Photography and Video

The drones are being used for getting shots and footages that usually require big cranes and helicopters. The camera installed on drones helps the cinematographer to film sci-fi and action scenes easily.

Wildlife Monitoring

Drones help monitor the wildlife even in deep jungles, where it is difficult and risky for humans to reach. They also deter poachers, thereby protecting wildlife animals.

Cargo System

Drones are also used for delivering light-weight packages to customers. Various companies such as Amazon and DHL are favouring the option of delivery through drones. They not only save manpower but also help in reducing traffic on roads.

The drones have multiple uses, including building safety inspections, geographic mapping, storm tracking, surveillance, search and rescue operations, entertainment and much more. The drone has been beneficial to many individuals and companies as it has managed to improve their functions and operations in a big way. After seeing the results, more and more people are willing to adopt the technology for their benefits. With the technology evolving rapidly, drones will become more advanced, reliable and safe for carrying various operations. They would also become more dependable, allowing for mass adoption worldwide.

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