The AI technology revolution and the race to harness AI are in full swing. Companies that use AI in their business can gain a significant competitive advantage.

AI solutions such as AI bots can help businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase sales and improve customer experience. It is important to stay up-to-date with developments in AI and take advantage of the opportunities it offers to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Welcome to the expert services of the future!

What if your company could make use of the best experts in the field on a case-by-case basis, without delay and precisely targeted to each individual issue? Now it’s possible with our AI bots.

Forget about manually searching for information and scrolling through long documents. Our AI bots provide a direct answer to the question asked quickly, efficiently and accurately. You can ask more specific questions and the bot will respond in a conversational format, as if you were talking to a top expert in the field. AI bots are an excellent way to answer specific questions in a conversational format, and are designed for different applications. The uses are limited, allowing for rapid deployment. Our bots are able to identify their area of expertise and only answer questions related to it. The bots’ answers only come from selected documents, so the risk of misinformation is low. This means you can always be sure that the answers are always professional and accurate, and sources are accurately referenced.

The price for one bot is €199/month and the price for five bots is €499/month (+ setup fee depending on the amount of data). The price includes an unlimited number of users. Bots can be embedded directly into customer managed systems. This is an excellent solution for real estate agencies, recruitment agencies, accounting firms and maintenance companies, for example. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, AI bots can help you speed up tasks that require expertise. Add us to your everyday life and see how efficiently things start to happen.

Ai and machine learning will change every industry.

Let’s make together your state of the art cognitive apps and services.

Elias Luoma / CEO

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