Data science, cloud services, and artificial intelligence provide superpower to business

Did you know that machine learning brings a significant competitive advantage already in several different industries?

With the help of data science and new cloud services, it is possible to: produce predictive analytics, innovate new products and services, streamline processes, save resources, improve customer experience and improve sales.

We offer software development that utilizes data science and machine learning models. In development projects we use new and secure technologies.

You know that Finnish companies may be granted up to 50% support for the costs of projects using artificial intelligence. We help our customers to apply for this support.

Cloud services at different stages of business

IBM Cloud and Hundreds of Services Ready for Quick Deployment. CloudFoundry and Kubernetes together with Docker.

Ai-powered applications

We develop or import application development into Watson’s artificial intelligence as an example of speech recognition or personality analysis.

Cognitive App Development

Mobile application development utilizing artificial intelligence and cloud capabilities. React for Nativella for iOS and Android. We utilize modern platforms for rapid development and efficient lifecycle management.

Predictive analysis

Predictive analytics with machine learning. A quick workflow of designs from design to production as a unit and use, for example, via API.

Business intelligence dashboards

Valuable information about the business in an understandable form for management and administration.

Human service

We are humans when it comes to customer care and serving. Service from heart!

Ai and machine learning will change every industry.

Let’s make together your state of the art cognitive apps and services.

Elias Luoma / CEO

Do it good!


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Trial time with lowest possible cost

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Fruitful cooperation

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