DevOps in practice

DevOps in practice

DevOps in practice 1176 1042 Elias Luoma

Organizations that practice DevOps successfully tend to adopt the following processes and technologies:

  • Design thinking: for a focus on delivering exceptional user experience and for increasing user conversion
  • Lean startup: for validating ideas and testing possible solutions before committing significant manpower, helping organizations to stay focused on solving the problems that matter
  • Agile: as the development methodology for fast feedback cycles through early customer involvement
  • Cloud operations: for fast and f lexible management of development and production environments
  • Continuous Security: for eliminating security vulnerabilities from applications before they reach production
  • Delivery automation: for removing the silos between development and IT operations, and enabling the continuous delivery of changes
  • Application Monitoring: for quickly detecting and addressing software application issues in test and production environments
  • Application and user analytics: for continuous learning used to improve the quality and value of applications.

(Source IBM)

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