The data revolution and competition for machine learning have begun

We provide expertise in the utilization of cloud services, machine learning and artificial intelligence in business and software development.

As an IBM Partner, we utilize IBM Cloud, which provides a wide range of tools for both data science and artificial intelligence, taking into account the different areas of business.

We have long experience in managing software development, both as a developer and as a product owner

We are looking for talent

We provide many opprtunities for developers

Our development team is constantly looking for future talent. If you are intrested learn and start developing with us please send to your free form application.



• Listening to a customer and reacting to feedback
• Customer service at the workplace with all people
• Efficient and high quality work


• Responsibility for compliance with instructions and regulations
• Reliability in managing responsibilities


• Taking care of wellbeing at work and caring for your health
• Development of professional skills and career advancement

Ready, Set, Go!
Race has started.

Elias Luoma

Santelo CEO Elias Luoma has 15 years of expertise of application development and project lead.

Senja Luoma

Senja Luoma has years of experince of digital marketing and media production including graphical design.

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Let’s make next generation cognitive applications together.