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What is Personality Analysis?

What is Personality Analysis? 640 640 Elias Luoma

Personality Analysis is to analyse and evaluate core qualities, including reliability, determination, confidence, gentleness, etc, of an individual. It accurately measures the personality by gathering important information of that individual.…

What is Recommender System?

What is Recommender System? 2016 1344 Elias Luoma

A recommender system aims to suggest products, services or items based on their prediction of user’s interests. It automatically recommends content on the internet to website users and readers. The…

What is Python?

What is Python? 1915 1436 Elias Luoma

Python is an object-oriented, high-level, interpreted language with dynamic semantics and easy syntax. This language is open source and is primarily used for app and web development. It can be…

What is IBM Watson?

What is IBM Watson? 826 550 Elias Luoma

Many companies are already using IBM’s Watson to transform and grow their businesses quickly and efficiently. But what is Watson and how is it transforming individuals and companies? IBM Watson…

What is Automation?

What is Automation? 2117 1411 Elias Luoma

Automation is nothing but the use of smart devices and machines, with minimal human assistance, to control the tasks and processes that are carried out by humans. It controls and…

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