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The Future of Women at Work

The Future of Women at Work 2069 1419 Elias Luoma

In the last few years, technological advances, automation, AI and machine learning have caused a lot of changes in the job market. As Artificial Intelligence and other digital technologies are…

Hydrid jobs

Hydrid jobs 2111 1407 Elias Luoma

With the job market getting disrupted due to automation and AI, it is necessary to combine skills and move up the career ladder. The job market might be booming right…

Reskilling through Online Courses

Reskilling through Online Courses 2021 1345 Elias Luoma

The digital technologies such as AI, machine learning and robotics are growing and changing so rapidly that many workers worldwide are finding themselves either under-qualified or under-skilled. McKinsey Global Institute…

What Jobs Will be Gone by 2030?

What Jobs Will be Gone by 2030? 800 529 Elias Luoma

There is a considerable amount of anxiety among people across the globe. Thesedays, people are talking about automation, its effects on the future of work and whether their skills would…

Setting Educational Goals

Setting Educational Goals 2107 1360 Elias Luoma

Goal setting should not be underestimated and is important if you want to be successful in the long run. This is because it would be difficult to reach a destination…

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